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Please check the Announcements page for details on rehearsals.

Rehearsals typically begin the first Tuesday in September for the Winter Season and second or third Tuesday in January for the Spring Season.

Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings from 7:15 - 9:15pm at Adoration Lutheran Church at 3840 West Edgerton Avenue in Greenfield, WI.

Use the map at the bottom of the page for directions

Responsibilities of a Cantare Chorale Member:


$40 per season with $20 due by the fourth rehearsal with the balance due before the eighth rehearsal.  Couples will be assessed $70 per season.


Women - are assessed a $25 dress fee and are asked to purchase a set of earrings for $5. 

Men - are expected to secure their own black tuxedo for concert performances. This consists of a black coat and pants, white pleated shirt, black cummerbund, black bowtie and black shoes.


Each choir member will be responsible for an assigned set of music and will be assessed for the cost of replacing any missing or excessively damaged music at the end of each season.


Consistent attendance is vital to making the most of a limited rehearsal schedule and for developing a strong, confident performance. Members are encouraged to attend every rehearsal and contact the membership chair if they will be late or absent. Members with three absences within a season will be contacted by the president to discuss their active status.

Concert Ticket Sales

Each member is provided 10 tickets per concert and is required to sell at least six. Ticket proceeds and unsold tickets must be turned in to the treasurer before each concert. Members are encouraged to use tickets as a way to recruit new members and boost overall attendance. Members are expected to purchase any tickets they give away unless they have received prior board approval.

Directions to rehearsal: