See below for information on upcoming concerts, rehearsal and audition dates, and more!


Go to the "Rehearsal Links" page for links to recordings of the music we will be performing.


Auditions to join the choir will be held on the first three rehearsals in January 2023. Watch for dates!

Those interested are invited to sit in on the evening's rehearsal and then meet briefly with the director at the end to determine the best placement. Our experience has been that typically those who audition have had choral singing experience and have a desire to rejoin that world. By sitting in on a rehearsal they get a chance to see if the Cantare Chorale will be a good fit for their abilities and interests.

Covid Notes

UPDATE 9/6/22:

The group decided at the first rehearsal to not require vaccinations, however they are strongly encouraged. Masking is optional for now, but may be required if infection rates creep back up.

We will be rehearsing once again at the Adoration Lutheran Church on Edgerton Ave. with plans to space out our seating and bump up the air flow in the rehearsal space. Singing-friendly masks will be available upon request.