Member Notes


Member Information / Guidelines

2023 – 2024


Weekly rehearsals are held at Adoration Lutheran Church at 3840 West Edgerton Ave. in Greenfield on Tuesday evenings. They start at 7:15 and last until 9:00pm.

The fall semester starts the Tuesday after Labor Day and the Christmas concert is held on the second Sunday in December.

The spring semester starts in mid to late January, with the concert on the third Sunday in May.

Concerts are held at  the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in New Berlin, WI at 3:30 PM.

New Members:

New members are encouraged to try us out to make sure that Cantare Chorale matches what they are looking for in their musical journey.

Our director will have a brief audition session after either the second or third rehearsal of each semester to ensure that new members’ voices are a match for Cantare.


At the first rehearsal of the semester, new members will be given a rehearsal folder. When members leave Cantare, we ask that the rehearsal folder be returned.

Each member will receive their music for the semester at the first rehearsal.

They will be assigned a number based on when they actually pick up the music.

They will also be asked to give/confirm their name, address, phone number and email address for that semester’s member roster.

The music is to be turned in after the concert at the end of the semester, or upon leaving Cantare if that happens prior to the concert.

Members are responsible for any lost or damaged music.

Rehearsal notes should only be done in pencil.

Finances – Dues/Tickets:

Dues for each member are $40 per semester.

We encourage dues to be paid in full by the end of the fourth rehearsal.

Partial payments are accepted, as long as a discussion is had with the treasurer as to the estimated date of the final payment.

We encourage each member to promote Cantare Chorale and our Christmas “Songs of the Season” and Spring “An Afternoon of Song” concerts with their families and friends. The more we talk up the group among the people we know, the larger our audience will be at those concerts and the more people will enjoy and be inspired by our beautiful music. Attending our concerts is also a great way to recruit future members. Ticket prices are $10 each and we encourage members to sell as many as possible.

Every member is responsible for at least $60 in ticket sales for each concert with the proceeds turned in by the concert date. It is up to the member how that minimum of $60 is obtained. They can purchase the tickets themselves to give away, or collect funds from sales to others.

Dues and ticket revenue are the overwhelming sources of funds for Cantare Chorale. We use those funds to pay our director and accompanist as well as rental for our rehearsal and concert venues along with insurance, musicians, supplies and other costs.

Only cash and checks, are accepted for all financial transactions with Cantare Chorale.


Attendance at each rehearsal is important.

If a member is unable to attend, we ask that the member let the president or treasurer know in advance of that Tuesday’s rehearsal.

A discussion will be held with the member who misses more than 3 rehearsals to ensure that the member will be able to effectively participate in the semester’s concert.

If a rehearsal is canceled due to weather conditions, all the members will be notified by email.

If a rehearsal is not canceled, but a member doesn’t feel that it is safe to travel due to weather conditions, their judgement will be respected. We ask that the president or treasurer be informed.


Both men and women are asked to wear black bottoms for performances with white tops. Variations of this basic dress code may be considered. 

Wardrobe – Christmas Concert:

For the second half of the Christmas concert at the end of the fall semester, all members are asked to add some personal, festive, holiday “bling” to their concert attire.


Each concert is recorded and a CD is made available for purchase by interested members in however many copies they wish, at a cost of $10 per copy.

CDs are generally available at the start of the next semester.

We will contact members who have left the group and who have ordered CDs, and make arrangements for them to receive their order.

Contact Information:

President Jim Toth 414-801-6468

Treasurer Mike Steffes 414-750-3279


Please check the Announcements page for details on rehearsals. Rehearsals typically begin the first Tuesday in September for the Winter Season and second or third Tuesday in January for the Spring Season.